18 Sep 2019

An invite to Google headquarters in London

Mr Ashraf was lucky to get an invite to the Google offices in London on Monday because of his hard work, dedication and advocacy for computer science. Mr Ashraf recently featured on the website of the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) where he expressed his value of being able to network with like-minded computing teachers. Whilst addressing computing teachers, Liza Belozerova who is the Google.org program manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Google said “We are looking forward to hearing about the magic of your work when you go back to your classrooms.” Simon Peyton Jones, the chair of the NCCE spoke about the computing curriculum “The new national curriculum embodies an educational vision that really will make our young people’s lives better, both as more empowered agents in society and also in their future job prospects.” Chris Skidmore MP (Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation), spoke about his proudness that the UK is the first G20 country to make computing a core curriculum subject. Attached is a photo of Mr Ashraf with Simon Peyton Jones, the chair of the NCCE at Google headquarters in London.