Qualification – BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production

Exam Board: Edexcel


What do students learn in IT in Key Stage 4?

During the course students will explore existing media products such as websites, magazines, films and computer games which allows them to identify the skills and techniques that have been used in their production.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore digital creative skills through the research and use of complex, interactive software. They will use this software to create portfolio evidence of their own skills development and how those skills have been applied when creating extended digital media products.


How will students learn in this course? 

A majority of the learning on the course is based on the students own research of the topics that are introduced in lesson as well as their practical experimentation and development of their own software and digital publication skills.

As well as specific software skills development for applications such as web page design and desktop publication, students will develop and hone their own personal organisation and literacy skills when producing key pieces of coursework and preparing for the external examination.


How are students assessed in this course?

60% of the course is assessed using students own coursework which has been produced in lessons. This coursework is an integral part of the units:

Component 1: Exploring media products (30%)

Component 2: Developing digital media production skills (30%)

The remaining 40% of the course is based on a practical assessment completed in school but under examination conditions. Although key parts of this assessment are taken during exam conditions students will have further time to develop their ideas in-between these formal sessions  This unit is:-

Component 3: Create a media product in response to a brief (40% External Assessment)


What is the learning sequence?

The units in the course are very interchangeable and  can be delivered in a variety of ways. Students currently complete the practical Component 2 unit in Year 10 which gives them the skill and knowledge to sit the Component 3 exam at the end of that year. 

The research unit, Component 1, is then completed in Year 11 which gives the students the opportunity to re-sit the Component 3 exam in Year 11 if required.

What qualification is gained from which exam board?

BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production


Link to exam board specification

Btec Creative Media Production


How is it graded? 

Grades available are Level 1 Pass (1), L1 Merit (2) Level 1 Distinction (3), Level 2 Pass (4), Level 2 Merit (5.5), Level 2 Distinction (7) Level 2 Distinction* (8.5)

GCSE grade equivalents in brackets


What further education and or careers can this qualification lead to? 

The BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production qualification will allow students to progress to A level study in the subject but it will also enhance students digital literacy skills for use when studying other subjects.

Many careers now make use of the skills developed on the course and these include web design, computer game design, social media development and digital publishing.