students have 1 hour of high quality P.E per week and will continue to build on the key areas above from KS3. Students also have the option of taking GCSE P.E as one of their subject choices.

GCSE Physical Education (current year 9)


2 theory exams comprising 60% of the total mark (Fitness and body systems- 36% & Health and performance- 24%) in year 11.

Component 1: Fitness and body systems- 36%

  • Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Topic 2: Movement analysis
  • Topic 3: Physical training
  • Topic 4: Use of data

Component 2: Health and performance- 24%

  • Topic 1: Health, fitness and well being
  • Topic 2: Sport psychology
  • Topic 3: Socio-cultural influences
  • Topic 4: Use of data

Practical performance comprising 30% of the total mark (1 team activity, 1 individual activity and 1 choice) assessed and externally moderated in year 11.

Personal exercise programme comprising 10% of the total mark (this is a combination of written planning and practical performance of the PEP) assessed and externally moderated in year 11.