23 Mar 2020

Miss you already!

So the first day of ‘home-school’ draws to an end so I thought to myself ‘what better time could there be for my first McMessage’.  I hope you’ve all had a productive day? I know a great many of you have because of the number of emails we’ve received.  Our school was eerily quiet today and I must say I’m already longing to hear the noise in the atrium, longing to watch the very competitive table tennis at lunchtime and longing to listen to the far fetched reasons why ‘you’ve forgotten your court passes’.  What I miss the most are the many many conversations I have with students that leave me laughing!
Until we are all back together again we all have some very important jobs to do; not just for ourselves but for our families, our local community and our society.  We must abide by government directives to not go out in groups and we must socially isolate.  We must do as much work as we can to keep our brains active and we must stay active to keep our bodies healthy.  Above all we must keep in touch with our friends so that when Paulet is back together we can carry on where we left off.
Remember #WEAREPAULET and always will be!
Take care everyone, Ian McArthur – Headteacher
PS I know ‘McMessage’ is a bit corny but I don’t like the word ‘blog’.