You may find that you need a mathematical background for your chosen career. Scientists, engineers, economists, and many other professionals, regularly apply mathematics to their work and it is a useful qualification for many other careers. It may be that you have a natural flair for mathematics and that you wish to study mathematics at university or it may be that you simply enjoy mathematics! You will find that the course is challenging and encourages you to think logically.

A little known fact:

Did you know, on average, students who study and pass A level maths go on to earn 15% more money in their lifetime than students who took other A level subjects. “Maths – it all adds up!”


  • Pure mathematics
  • Mechanics
  • Statistics


2 Years


You could follow a course in mathematics at degree level or even continue further as a postgraduate and get involved in mathematical research. Even in areas where pure mathematics isn’t required, other mathematical skills such as logical thinking, problem solving and statistical analysis are often very desirable in the workplace.

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