Here at Paulet, we consider it to be of paramount importance to help students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to cope with challenges of modern life.

Our overall aim is to help our students stay safe and healthy, raise self-esteem, resilience, make good choices in life and empathise with others.

We pride ourselves on our ability and commitment to inject all subject lessons with discussions on social and personal issues such as stereotyping, personal identity, body image, healthy relationships, CSE, staying safe online and bullying to name but a few.

Alongside our commitment within lessons we also have an extended form time once a week which is dedicated to covering these topics within tutor groups; this allows us to cover more sensitive topics in greater detail.

In addition we also have a range of ‘drop down’ days where we invite guest speakers to spend time with our students, discussing the ‘bigger issues’ such as substance misuse, smoking, alcohol and sex and relationships.

Key Stage 3 – Economic Wellbeing & Financial Capability

Key Stage 3 Personal Wellbeing