Earth is a vast and complex place, we can’t cover it all. What we do hope to offer is a broad range of topics that not only stimulate interest in the natural world and the role of people upon it but are both topical and relevant to our students. We aim to deliver these in a way that engages the students to want to learn more. In this way students make good progress and foster a lifelong interest in the world around them.

Year 7. The restless Earth, is a study of plate tectonics and the causes and effects of volcanoes and earthquakes. My Geography, teaches about map skills- applied to the local ‘geographies’ of our students. Water world, looks at the processes and landforms created by water on the Earth. Africa, is where we use this continent to look at development around the world.

Year 8. Energy and the environment, is based on the use of fossil fuels and the consequences of their use. Biomes, students discover the world’s major ecosystems and the threats to them. Future World, looks at some of the issues that may face young people in their lifetime.

Year 9. Extreme weather looks at some of the most recent meteorological events. Crime uses mapping and IT to discover the geography of crime in different locations. Changing coasts teaches about the processes which shape our island. Land for leisure uses fieldwork to look at tourism and how the environment is used for people’s enjoyment.