The History curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences and topics to meet the needs and interests of all pupils. It has been carefully chosen to enhance students’ understanding of the world they live in and to hopefully give them a lifelong interest in the subject. The Department aims to provide as much breadth as possible whilst at the same time, giving students an opportunity to study the relevant events and issues in sufficient depth.

In year 7, students examine the movement of people from the Roman period to the Middle Ages. They look at change throughout the periods along with significant individuals and events such as King John and the Battle of Hastings.

Year 8 covers the Tudors and Stuarts where students consider the role of monarchy throughout this period of turbulent change. They also spend time considering the lives of ‘ordinary people’ too. This is followed by an investigation of the industrial period. Finally, they begin to look at Twentieth Century history with the beginnings of the First World War.

In year 9, students look at a range of other Twentieth Century topics including the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the social revolution in the 1960s, before embarking on an in depth study of Crime and Punishment c1000-present day.