Statement of Values


The curriculum at Paulet extends beyond an academic focus for our students as we ensure that the wider personal development of our students is of equal importance. At the heart of the Paulet vision and ethos is the importance of character education (as determined in conjunction with staff and students) which is focused on providing opportunities for our community to develop and evidence that they are responsible, respectful and thoughtful members of the wider community. Paulet Character is at the heart of all we do and is referred to whenever the opportunity arises including house assemblies and termly award assemblies. The vast array of student leadership opportunities available within the school enable our students to demonstrate these character qualities.

Everyone Included - Charter of Values

In June 2021 we established a curriculum advisory group which explored our school curriculum and its approach to the protected characteristics. The group of both staff and students produced the ‘Everyone Included – charter of values’ which underpin our inclusive school.

Personal Social Education and Relationship Sex Education

We consider the personal development curriculum to be of paramount importance to help our students to develop their knowledge, skills and attributes they need to be able to cope and flourish when facing the challenges of modern life.

Our personal development curriculum aims to enable our students to have the knowledge and skills to be able to:

  • stay safe and healthy
  • have positive raise self-esteem
  • grow in resilience
  • make good life choices
  • empathise with others
  • grow in understanding and acceptance of all members of society and the school community ‘everyone included’

We pride ourselves on our ability and commitment to inject (when appropriate) subject lessons with discussions on social and personal issues such as:

  • stereotyping
  • diversity
  • personal identity
  • body image
  • healthy relationships
  • child sexual exploitation
  • staying safe online

A key strand in personal development across the school is the focus on British values and our duty linked to the PREVENT legislation. British and Paulet Values are a constant theme in our house assembly programme and students have access to a wide range of leadership opportunities to enable them to demonstrate these values actively.

Alongside our commitment within lessons to deliver personal development curriculum, we also offer an hour of specific and discreet PSHE/RSE sessions during form time (week B), which is tailored made to meet the needs of each year group, reflect current affairs and the wider society. This curriculum will also adapt to the changing needs of our community and any current safeguarding issues.

In addition, we also have a range of Character Day for years 7 – 10 which focus on the ‘bigger issues’ such as substance abuse, smoking, alcohol and sex and relationships these are delivered by specialists both within and outside of school.

Quotes from year 7 students when asked to feedback about their Character Day:

“I enjoyed how there was different topics and was done in an enjoyable way with activities while learning important topics like online safety.”

“There was a range of activities to enjoy that were very informative and helpful for life.”