27 Mar 2020

Friday McMessage

As we draw to the end of the first week of our school closure I am thinking about the changes that Mrs McArthur and I have made to our way of life.  Our ‘normal’ school day would be characterised by hurriedly rushing around.  We would rush to get our girls ready for school, we would be in a rush so would miss breakfast, we would get to school and hurriedly say ‘have a good day’ – and that would be it, until 5 o’clock.  How things have changed this week.  We have had family breakfasts, we’ve checked on each other throughout the day, we’ve had time for ourselves as a family and we’ve even had time for a walk on a school night!  I am understanding the concept of family time better than I probably ever have and it is something I will endeavour to learn from in the future.
Now I know we are the lucky ones.  Many families are having greater strain put on them.  Families who have key workers working day in and day out to look after our society.  Obviously the families of our wonderful NHS workers; we owe them a huge debt of gratitude, but also the families of food shop workers, delivery drivers and refuse collectors to name a few – they will all be under greater strain and need our support. 
As I said on Monday, we all have a job to do to help these workers and their families and that is to stay at home, only go out for exercise or to buy food (on our own or with our household) and we must not meet up in groups!
Well done for all of the school work you have been doing this week; keep the photos coming.  Have a break over the weekend and then get back to work on Monday morning ready for a new week!
#WEAREPAULET and always will be!
Take care everyone,
Ian McArthur, Headteacher