16 Jun 2020

Congratulations to students achieving their iDEA Award

Well done to the students listed below who have achieved their bronze or silver award. It is a great achievement and you must celebrate it! 


Izzy, Jess, Lily, Ethan, Frank, Rebecca, Yas, Samara, Jess, Kizzy, Libbie S, Rebecca H, Georgia, Finley, Liberty, Milan, Nicoletta

Silver award 

Liberty, Finley, Hashim, Rebecca H, Kizzy and Erin P

Here is a summary of how we have all done so far:
•Participants: 136
•Bronze Award winners: 41
•Silver Award winners: 9

Please note, if you have achieved a bronze or silver award but you are not on the list it is because you have not used the organiser code in your profile.

1. Once you have logged in to idea.org.uk

2. Click edit profile

3. Add organiser code that is relevant and click save

b. Y8 = Paulet8 c. Y9 = Paulet9