How were the grades awarded?

The grades were created in line with the guidance published by Ofqual and using a through process to ensure that all students were awarded grades using a variety of evidence which was consistently applied across a subject.

The full guidance from Ofqual for parents and students can be accessed here:

Ofqual Vocational Qualifications

Ofqual GCSE and A-Level Qualifications

What can I do if I am not happy with the grade my child has been awarded?

There are several possible options available to students who are not satisfied with their results:

  • Students can ask the school to check whether it had made a mistake when it submitted data about the student’s likely grade to the exam board
  • Ask the school to appeal the grade with exam board (see Q4 below to see when this is appropriate)
  • Take the exam in the autumn term

Can I appeal against the centre assessment grade or rank awarded by the school to my child?

No. Ofqual have given serious consideration as to whether a student could appeal against their school or college’s centre assessment grades and position in the rank order. On balance, they have decided it would not be in the interests of all students, or the fairness of the arrangements overall, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than the student’s teachers to judge the grade they would likely have received if the exams had taken place – in the unique circumstances of this summer we do not believe there is any such person. An appeal would also require students to have access to the information their school or college put forward before being submitted to exam boards. This may compromise the reliability of this year’s approach. Furthermore, if one student successfully appealed against their position in the rank order, it would have negative implications for other students who would, in turn, need to be given an opportunity to appeal.

Can I appeal against the process or procedure used by the school?

No. Ofqual have stated that appeals cannot be based upon the process or procedure used by a centre.

Can I ask for the centre assessment grade and rank provided by the academy to the exam board?

No. Not before results day (August 13th for A levels, August 20th for GCSEs).

Yes. If after results days, although please bear in mind the answers to Q3 and Q4 as it will make no difference to the grade finally awarded by the exam board to know the grade awarded by the academy.

Can the school appeal the grade awarded to my child by the exam board?

Yes. If the school believes that they did submit the incorrect data, they can appeal to an exam board on the grounds that the exam board used the wrong data when calculating grades, and/or incorrectly communicated the grades calculated.

No. If the school does not believe it made a mistake and submitted the incorrect data, then they have no grounds to appeal the grade.

Yes. If the school believes an exam board made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade. The school will already have completed checks on this before results have been released so you will be informed if we believe this is the case.

Can I appeal against the process of standardisation used by the exam board?

No, appeals cannot be made against the operation or outcome of the statistical standardisation model used by the exam boards.

Can my child take an exam if they are not happy with their grade?

Yes. If there have been no mistakes shown, the final option is for the student to opt to sit an exam in that subject during the Autumn term. Exact arrangements for these exams have not been confirmed although there will be the option for students to sit an exam for any of their subjects.

What can I do if I think the school has been biased or discriminated against my child?

Students who have evidence of bias or discrimination should raise this with the school in writing addressed to the Headteacher. They could also pass such evidence on to the exam board who could investigate for potential malpractice. (The process employed by academies within Paulet High School has involved multiple teachers and members of the relevant leadership teams throughout to ensure that no bias or discrimination could occur.)