30 Apr 2020

McMessage – Nesting Ospreys

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard a discussion about a live webcam that is positioned over the nest of a pair of ospreys (birds of prey native to the UK specifically Scotland).  This webcam is in the highlands of Scotland near Loch Arkaig.

Here is the link to the webcam; it is simply wonderful to watch…

Follow this link to find out more about these majestic birds….

I will be watching from afar to hopefully see one or all of the eggs hatch and the young ospreys develop.

Having been evacuated to Scotland during WW2, my father spent his childhood birdwatching, in the highlands, and watching this webcam has brought back many happy memories of him and times I spent with him in the highlands.

Look at the webcam, watch these majestic birds, but more importantly think of things that will prompt happy memories and thoughts for you.
Take care everyone,

Ian McArthur