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Friday, 12 September 2014 17:11

Welcome to our school

Mr McArthur

I was very proud to be asked, by the Governors of our school, to be acting Headteacher from September 2014. We are a safe and ordered school community where students benefit from the highest possible standard of teaching. The high standards we achieve in behaviour and uniform show that our students are proud to call Paulet their school.

Our attainment at GCSE continues to go from strength to strength. In 2013 we achieved well above the national average for five good GCSE passes and, in the area, we are ranked first or second for many of the Government’s performance measures.

In terms of the value we add to our Post 16 students we achieved A-Level results which were ranked second in the whole of Burton and South Derbyshire.Mr McArthur

If you would like to find out more about our school please feel free to visit us at any time during the working day. You will see for yourself what the school has to offer and how happy and hardworking our students are.


Ian McArthur - Acting Headteacher


"Paulet is a good school"
"It has high ambitions for its students"
"Students enjoy school and feel safe"

  Ofsted 2011

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‘Normal age of entry’ Admission for September 2015

Paulet High School takes part in Staffordshire County Council's co-ordinated admissions scheme, and all applications are made on the Common Application Form.   Applications can be made online through the Staffordshire Web up until 31 October 2014.  Where the number of applications is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered against the over-subscription criteria on the school’s Admission Policy.

  Admission Policy


Admission to Paulet High School other than at the ‘Normal age of entry’ (In year transfer)

This application form is for completion by parents who have recently moved into Paulet High School’s catchment area or any other parent who can fulfil the admission criteria and wishes to complete an in-year transfer to Paulet High School.

  in-year transfer Form

To support schools in delivering a more coherent curriculum, personal, social and health education (PSHE), work-related learning, careers, enterprise, and financial capability have been brought together under personal, social, health and economic education with two non-statutory programmes of study at key stage 3 and 4: personal well-being and economic well-being. The programmes of study build on the existing frameworks and guidelines in these areas.

Personal well-being supports the statutory requirements for teaching on sexual relationships, drugs and alcohol, as well as other significant aspects of current provision for PSHE.

Economic well-being supports the statutory requirements for careers education and work related learning as well as enterprise and financial capability.

The organisation of PSHE in our school is based on the best of current practice and is designed by combining three supporting approaches:

  1. Teaching PSHE in and through other curriculum subjects
  2. Occasional off-timetable experiences, which provide a useful focus for intensive study of aspects of PSHE
  3. Designated time with their tutor who offers students structured and safe learning opportunities


PSHEE Curriculum Audit 

Key Stage 3 - Economic Wellbeing & Financial Capability

Key Stage 3 - Personal Wellbeing

Key Stage 4 - Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability

Key Stage 4 - Personal Wellbeing

 Student Entitlement 

Student Entitlement

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Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

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