William Shakespeare

We provide courses at Key Stage 4 and 5 to continue with developing young people’s creativity. Over the two years students will consider and explore the impact of social, historical and cultural influences on drama texts and activities. They will be encouraged to reflect on and evaluate your own work, and the work of others. Drama helps to develop a basis for your future role as active citizens in employment and society.

About the course:

GCSE Drama is

Unit 1 – Devising Drama

Students will research and explore a stimulus, work collaboratively and create their own devised drama

Unit 2 – Presenting and Performing Texts

Students will develop and apply theatrical skills in acting by presenting a showcase of two extracts from a performance text.

Unit 3 – Drama: Performance and Response

Students will explore practically a performance text to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of drama

Students will analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance

How it will be assessed:

Unit 1 – internally assessed, 30% of final mark
Unit 2 – externally assessed, 30% of final mark
Unit 3 – externally assessed, 40% of final mark

What it prepares you for:

GCSE Drama develops transferable skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and communication which are all highly valued by employers. Should you choose to study after Year 11, all A level and BTEC Drama and Performance courses are open to you

This course is designed to provide a balance across a range of drama activities. It combines the activities of exploring plays, creating theatre, the performance of plays, the analysis of theatre and the critical analysis of all the elements.