Pupils who selected to pursue with the AQA GCSE religious studies course from KS3 will cover some additional religious units and themes. In year 10 they will study for three hours per week and cover:

  • Christian beliefs and practices
  • Religion, human rights and social justice
  • Islam beliefs

The course will continue into year 11 with two hours per week and with the following units:

  • Islam practices
  • Religion & life


· Paper 1: 50% The study of religions; beliefs, teachings and practices.

· Paper 2: 50% Thematic studies.


Students who selected alternative subjects, as well as the students who did not, will all continue to receive religious studies lessons in KS4. They will also study units from AQA religious studies but will not be required to sit the GCSE exam in year 11. The units covered are:

  • Drug abuse
  • Relationships and families
  • World poverty
  • Animal rights