Students in years 7 and 8 will study both French and Spanish with a view to specialising in one of these languages in year 9. This will allow for a 3 year KS4. We believe that this will benefit our students by allowing them more time to master their language of choice.

In year 7 students will study half a year of French followed by half a year of Spanish. During this time they will learn vocabulary and grammar through skills based lessons. These will be divided in to three half-termly modules : pronunciation and spontaneous speech, planning and self-correcting written work, and listening and reading for a variety of purposes. We will also teach them about the culture of the countries where these languages are spoken. Year 8 will follow the same structure as year 7 beginning with half a year of Spanish followed by half a year of French.

Towards the end of year 8 students will be asked to choose their preferred language. It is important to note that by 2018 the government intends that almost all students will study a GCSE in a modern foreign language.